Best Angle Grinder for Sharpening Mower Blades

best angle grinder for sharpening mower blades
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Best Angle Grinder for Sharpening Mower blades

Mower blades are an essential part of mowing your lawn. They cut the grass and turn it into clippings that can be easily collected. A sharp steel blade makes it easier to cut through tough grass and causes less strain on the machine, which saves time and money in the long run. But mower blades can be difficult to sharpen because of their size. Over time, grass blades get duller and their performance is reduced. For this reason, many people turn to angle grinders. Angle grinders are great tools that allow you to quickly and easily reach all angles of a mower blade without much effort or danger involved! In today’s blog post we will discuss 5 best angle grinders for sharpening mower blades, as well as safety measures around using them. You will want to buy a quality angle grinder for this job as not all grinders are created equal.

List of Best Lawnmower Blade Sharpeners

Mower blades are the sharp, metal blade on mowers that cut grass. Over time these lawn mower gets dull blades which reduces the performance. This can lead to an uneven lawn or even worse a broken lawn mower blade! For this reason, many people turn to angle grinders for help in restoring them back to their original glory.

To know if your mower blades need sharpening, you will want to take a mowing job and look at the mowed path. If it is uneven or wavy then your mower blade needs some TLC!

To keep mowers in good condition, most people sharpen their mower blades every year. This helps to prolong the mower blade’s life and keep the lawn looking sharp.

Here are the list of five favorite angle grinders for sharpening your mower blade :

The Bosch 4.5 inch 1375A grinder is an excellent angle grinder for mower blades. It has a powerful motor that generates 11,000 RPM with an amazing electronic control system giving it some serious power and versatility.

It’s one of the best designed products on this list as well because its ergonomic design is easy to use and comfortable even in extended periods of time. This Bosch angle grinder also comes with plenty of safety features making it perfect for people who are just starting out or have limited experience using grinders at all!

The weight distribution is good so you don’t get tired from holding up what can be a heavy tool over long periods of time – Great protection against burns when working near electrical lines thanks to the double insulation feature.

Features :

Pros Cons
6-amp powerful motor.
 The gearbox area gets hot while in use.
The motor delivers 11,000 RPM.
Epoxy coated design.
It is pretty light in weight.

The Black+Decker BDEG400 4.5 inch tool is a versatile grinder that can be used to grind and polish metal, masonry, plaster or wood. The tool’s variable speed ensures it will not overheat during heavy duty jobs. It is equipped with a powerful motor that delivers 10000 rotations per minute (RPM) for fast work without the hassle of changing discs often.


Features :

Pros Cons
Easy to use and light in weight.
Batteries not included in the box.
Value for money product.
Didn't get hot while using.
Metal Gearcase

This 4 inch grinder is a powerful product, suitable for mowing blades as it produces 11000 RPM. It has an ergonomic handle that is made of rubber and offers the grip comfort necessary to work on long hours without fatigue. The design also includes a front cover which can be adjusted in three positions according to user’s convenience while working.

This Makita angle grinder comes with wheel guard, side handle and spanner wrench making accessory changes easier while ensuring safety from accidents caused by loose parts due to improper handling or wear-and-tear over time. This tool weight around four pounds hence easy to carry up ladders etc., but still provides power enough for mower blade sharpening job comfortably.


Features :

Pros Cons
The powerful motor pulls out 11,000 RPM output.
Case quality is just average.
Tool case included in the box.
Small grip for extra comfort.
Labyrinth construction.

The Skill 9296-01 paddle switch angle grinder brings you the power of a saw and grinder in one tool.

It features great quality for an affordable price, so we would recommend this to anyone looking for mower blades grinding machine.

SKIL angle grinders are designed with safety as well as performance in mind from top to bottom.

High-efficiency motor provides 11000 RPM at 115V input voltage (heavy duty) or 13500 RPM at 230V input voltage (lightweight).

The housing is particle resistant which means it won’t be chipped by metal particles that break off during cutting process. This helps protect user’s eyesight when working close up on smaller projects like sharpening mower blades.

Features :

Pros Cons
The powerful motor delivers 11,000 RPM output.
No such cons.
Paddle switch with no lock-on.
Tool-less guard.
Metal gear housing.

Flap discs are additional attachments used for the angle grinder for mower blade sharpening. These discs come in a variety of grits and can be used to put on a final edge or putting an initial sharpness back into mower blades that have gone dull with use.

It has teeth facing both ways around its perimeter, which are designed to scrape against metal surfaces like mower blades, removing metal from them as they rotate through it. The grinding away of the material is gradual therefor produces more sparks than other methods. This creates additional heat during operation, so safety precautions and gear such as goggles are required when using these type of discs.

Here is the list of 5 best flap wheel for sharpening your mower blades

Features :

Pros Cons
Anti-static and anti-clogging.
The amount of use that you get out of them is less.
Fiberglass backing.
Premium resin-bonded aluminum oxide for high performance
Made up of stainless steel and wood.

Features :

Pros Cons
Available in different quantity.
Do not last very long.
Works with most of the angle grinders.
Made up of high-quality material.
Secure fiberglass backing plate.
Neiko 11108A Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc
Neiko 11108A Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc

Features :

Pros Cons
It can easily handle pressure up to 13,000 RPM.
Do not last for so long.
High-density zirconia flap wheel.
Best value for money.
Long durability and extended life.
Premium High Density Jumbo Zirconia Type 29 Flap Disc 40 Grit
Premium High Density Jumbo Zirconia Type 29 Flap Disc 40 Grit

Features :

Pros Cons
Zirconia grit.
No such cons.
Premium abrasive cloth.
30 Days money-back guarantee.
Affordable pricing.
Dewalt Flap Disc-4-5-Inch
DEWALT Flap Disc-4-5-inch

Features :

Pros Cons
Widely used and popular among professionals.
Doesn't last much.
Made up of premium alumina oxide.
High-quality backing plate.
Compatible with most of the angle grinders.
Mido Professional Abrasive 4 1-2 Flap Disc
MIDO Professional Abrasive 4 1-2 Flap Disc

4. Maintaining the blade's cutting edge with a file or whetstone

Then there is a way to use file or whetstone to sharpen your mower blade ‘s sharp edge. Here are some steps:

  • Hold mower blade with the teeth facing away from your body and a file in the other hand
  • Use the side of the file to gently push it through each tooth one at a time, angling up as you move across its face
  • Next we need to use whetstone on mower blades. A stone is usually larger than most files so it’s easier to handle but both can be used interchangeably. Place mower blade flat against rock surface then angle back and forth until desired sharpness achieved (with light pressure)

This process allows you more control over how much material is removed for fine tuning purposes which may not be possible using an electric grinder.

5. Sharpening with a grinder 

This method of sharpening mower blades is done with an angle grinder. Some mowers come with this as a factory option or it can be added to the mower at any time. This process usually lasts more than one complete rotation and should be used until desired sharpness achieved

  • Wear safety glasses, gloves, ear plugs when using power tools always!
  • In order to sharpen cutting edges of the mowing machines blade we need to use diamond discs.
  • These discs are made of material that has a lot of diamond dust in them, this will grind away metal and provide an edge that is extremely sharp.
  • Diamond Discs can be bought from mower blade suppliers or local hardware stores or amazon.

The angle grinder should only be used for short periods as it’s likely to overheat if left on continuously

6. When to replace your mower blade 

Usually to replace mower blades is when mowing starts becoming difficult.

  • When mowing becomes too hard to push, it’s time to replace the blade as cutting edges will have become blunt and won’t be able to cut grass cleanly anymore.
  • Sharpening mower blades with an angle grinder should only be done once every year in order to maintain optimum power and performance.

The length of time varies depending on how often you use them but usually people sharpen their blades about once every year or so.

7. Tips for maintaining the life of your new blade

The best way to increase the lifespan of the new blade is to sharpen the mower blade with a grinder.

Sharpen mower blades at least once per year or as soon as they start to get dull and are no longer cutting cleanly through grass.

  • It is important not to overheat your mower blade when sharpening it, because this will make them harder and more brittle which can lead to quicker wear down of the metal teeth in the mower blades.
  • Abrasive materials on the ground such as stones or bricks is going to cause damage over time so if there are large quantities of these types of items around your mow area, try moving them away from where you usually mow before starting work.
  • Store blades in a dry, safe place while not in use to ensure they’ll stay sharper for longer periods of time.

Maintaining your mower blades can save you time in between mowing, reduce stress on the engine from having stiffer mowers cutting grass, keep injuries down by avoiding jagged edges and guarantee that work gets done more efficiently.”


As you’ve seen, there are many angles grinder for sharpening mower blades to choose from. It can be tough choosing the right one without doing some research and asking a few questions. We hope that this article has helped by providing information about different types of angle grinders and how they work, as well as safety measures when using them on your lawnmower blade. If we missed anything or if you want more info in general about sharpening mowers blades, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for reading!

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