Best Variable Speed Angle Grinders

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Top 5 Best Variable Speed Angle Grinder

Angle grinder tool have evolved. Cordless Grinder and variable angle grinders are the next-gen tools. These next-gen angle grinders provide optimal control over the work. For the best possible results, variable angle grinders are used by professionals.

Variable angle grinders make it easy for us to get the best results in any project. We can instantly control the speed and dial it lower or higher. Variable angle grinders are professional tools, so they come at a cost.

There is a wide variety of perfectly engineered variable angle grinders out there, but the selection can be tough when it comes to getting the best variable speed angle grinder. So this guide will help you to choose the best possible grinder in your budget.

Below, we have given the top 5 best variable angle grinders, have a look.

List of Best Variable speed angle grinder

Metabo is a famous brand for angle grinders and professional tools, and so is their HPT angle grinder. The Metabo HPT G12VE angle grinder is a popular premium grade corded angle grinder that provides a variable speed for your professional or unprofessional work. Metabo is an authentic german brand, carrying their German engineering and ingenuity in this product.

The Metabos HPT G12VE  powerful grinder lock-on comes with many elegant features for smooth and precise cutting and can do wonders during surface grinding or wood grinding. The Metabo HPT comes with a long-lasting motor that can produce 50% more torque. Apart from that, the motor boosts not less than 20% substantial overload capacity. The motor is more efficient and powerful with a good lifespan.

The Metabo HPT G12VE comes with an electronic overload feature to protect it from any electronic damage. It also has auto soft start features along with the S-automatic clip clutch for maximum features.

Below are the features Metabo boasts:

Features :

Pros Cons
Soft start feature.
It is pretty heavy to handle.
Robust and durable motor.

Why should you buy Metabo HPT Angle Grinder?

It is one of the best and powerful variable angle grinders with an AC brushless motor. It produces up to 10,000 RPM, so it is recommended that you want a powerful and long-lasting angle grinder that too from a reputed brand like Metabo (Hitachi).

DEWALT is the most trusted and popular brand when it comes to angle grinders or other heavy-duty tools. The DEWALT DWE43214 variable speed angle grinder is powerful and premium.

It comes with a brushless motor, so you don’t have to run into a problem replacing the brushes multiple times. It comes with multiple safety features, including the kick-back break, 2-stage trigger, and some more.

The kick-back features sense a stall, blind up, or pinch and it holds the wheel and turns the motor off immediately. It also has a power reset system that shuts the grinder down in case of a power outage and turns it back on, and you have to turn off the button and then turn it on.

These mechanisms help protect the grinder from any electronic damage. The DEWALT angle grinder changes the speed according to the application. Have a look at the features underneath:

Why should you buy Metabo HPT Angle Grinder?

The DEWALT angle grinder is for you if you are looking for a branded and feature-packed variable angle grinder. It has multiple safety features, and you won’t face any issue in the built quality or performance. Overall, it is a great angle grinder for professionals.

Dewalt Grinder Variable Speed Paddle Switch, 5-Inch -Dwe43214Nvs
DEWALT Grinder Variable Speed Paddle Switch, 5-Inch -DWE43214NVS

Features :

Pros Cons
The brake works within 2 seconds to stop the grinder.
There are no such cons.
Loss Reset button.
Powerful and durable.
Electronic kickback feature.

Makita is another widespread and most trusted brand when it comes to heavy-duty tools and angle grinders. Their angle grinders are popular in various categories. The Makita 9566V 6 inch variable angle grinder is one of the best angle grinders on our list.

It comes with a 120V variable speed, and it has a new Super Joint System technology, which will protect gears from getting damaged due to the wheel binding. In this angle grinder, there is a variable speed control dial by which you can easily alter the speed up to five-speed settings.

Furthermore, it has a universal mount so that you can add almost any type of grinding, cutting disc or wheel. Moreover, it has soft brushes which prevent the dust from escaping. And it allows easy movement of the tool on almost all kinds of surfaces. So, all in all, it is a great, sturdy, and perfect tool that is easy to handle and comes with the long-lasting build quality.

Why should you buy the Makita variable speed angle grinder?

Makita is a reputed brand and produces a quality product. Their variable angle grinder is one of their most popular product, so if you want branded variable angle grinders that too without any quality loss, then you can go with this one.


Features :

Pros Cons
SJS: Super Join System Technology.
Unavailability of the 6" grinding accessories.
Variable speed control dial.
It comes with a powerful 120V motor.
Universal mount lets you mount any disc to it.

RIDA is an unfamous brand, but their cordless variable angle grinder tops the chart when it comes to quality products. It comes with a lot of premium features, and it looks premium and stylish in hand.

It comes with a replaceable battery of 4.0 Ah. You can easily use any 4.5″ disc in this angle grinder, and it works perfectly fine with it. It weighs around 4.88 pounds. Furthermore, it comes with a 2.4 amp fast charger which is the cherry on the top. Apart from that, the battery is a lithium-ion 20V 4.0 Ah with a status indicator and compatible with all RIDA cordless power tools.

Moreover, it has a motor that works on 7-amp and pulls out 10,000 RPM, making it the best professional angle grinder for most applications. When it comes to comfortability, the spindle size is around 5/8″, and it has a lock for an easy wheel change.

This angle grinder also includes a three-position side auxiliary handle for the operator’s comfort. This angle comes with three years of brand warranty from RIDA. For safety purposes, it has a toolless cut-off guard and a protective hood which provides safer operations.

Features :

Pros Cons
10,000 RPM powerful motor.
The battery doesn't last long.
Fast Charger.
Dust filter.
Cordless angle grinder.

Why should you buy RIDA cordless angle grinder?

If you are looking for a non-branded but powerful angle grinder with premium features such as fast charging and cordless working, then you can choose the RIDA cordless angle grinder. It is a budget-friendly angle grinder with premium features and looks.

The Toolsman4.5 inch angle grinder comes with a variable speed. It is mounted with a high-performing motor which makes it a beast. It provides smooth and efficient cutting, sharpening, grinding, etc., as it is a variable speed grinder, so it has 6-speed settings.

There are different variants of this angle grinder, but this model has an alloy head, making it durable and rugged. It has a ventilation cooling system, and the tool is super easy to use and install. For more conveniences, a push-button is also integrated.

Furthermore, with this grinder, you will get a set of 4 cut-off masonry discs and a wrench used to replace the disks of the grinder. The best part is that it has a powerful motor that delivers 11,500 RPM output, which is more than enough for most professional or industrial use.

Features :

Why should you buy the Toolsman 4.5″ angle grinder?

This angle grinder is one of the most powerful ones on our list. Moreover, it comes with Toolsman branding and 6-speed settings. So if you are looking for a branded angle grinder that delivers power as well as variability, then you can choose the Toolsman 4.5″ variable speed angle grinder.

Pros Cons
6-speed settings.
It quickly gets hot while using.
Aluminum alloy head for extended durability.
Easy to install and use.
11500 RPM powerful motor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best variable speed angle grinder?

There are multiple well-known brands in the market that produces variable angle grinders. This list involves DEWALT, Makita, Toolsman, Metabo, and more. These brands are the market leader and provides good quality along with premium features and build quality.

What are the types of variable speed angle grinders?

The variable angle grinder has the following types:

  • Corded Angle Grinders
  • Cordless Angle Grinders
  • Straight Angle Grinders
  • Pneumatic Angle Grinder

Who makes the best variable speed angle grinder

A variable speed angle grinder is a good choice if you want to use the tool for material that ranges in hardness or abrasiveness. For jobs involving heavy duty wear, though, it’s best to pick another type of angle grinder. Variable speed grinders are excellent for both hobbyists and professionals alike who want a quality power tool that will last them through their lifetime. There are many brands to choose from however some of the best rated brands are Bosch (included a two year warranty with its purchase), Milwaukee (made in America), Ryobi, Metabo.

Do angle grinders have variable speed?

Yes, they do.

An angle grinder is a must-have tool for any individual looking to improve their home or office’s safety and cleanliness. It can give you the freedom to tidy up your space without fear of damaging furniture or other surfaces, as well as providing a convenient way to polish metal fixtures such as door handles and stainless appliances with its built-in 4 inch polishing disc. With variable speed settings that range from 10,000 rpm to 30,000 rpm for more delicate tasks like grinding wire brushes, this power tool provides versatility for any job that needs it! 

How do you control angle grinder speed?

An angle grinder is a type of power tool that can be used to cut through metal, carve wood and prepare surfaces for painting and finishing. They come with different types of controls, but the most common are on/off switches and variable speed dials. The power of an angle grinder depends on its amperage or voltage rating which ranges from 5 to 300 amps. Variable speed dials allow users to adjust the rotational speed between 0-12000 RPM (rotations per minute).

This means you can choose how fast you want your blade spinning depending on what materials you’re cutting through. The slower speeds are better for softer materials such as drywall or fiberglass; higher speeds are best for harder surfaces like steel or concrete surface

How many amps do I need in an angle grinder?

  1. The amp requirement for an angle grinder depends on what you’re cutting. You can usually get away with an 18-24 volt angle grinder if all you’re doing is light duty work, but if its cutting metal the preferred voltage is between 30-40 volts.
  2. The amp rating of a tool will be included in the amps per minute of power measurement on a label found on the tool or in your manual. 
  3. Always use tools that match your strength and capabilities to avoid injury cannot do serious work with dangerous errors since there are sharp blades and moving parts everywhere! Tool injuries are major contributors to accidents at home, so take care when using them and keep them out of reach from kids.

What is the smallest angle grinder you can buy?

The smallest angle grinder you can buy is the 4” model. Generally, you will need a 7″ to 18” model for most applications.

The size of an angle grinder is typically measured by the length of its cutting wheel in inches. Professional power tools are generally more expensive and feature larger or stronger blades with faster spinning speeds as well as better construction quality to withstand frequent use over long periods of time. For most hobby purposes, a portable corded 7-Inch angle grinder will do just fine and should last up to 5 years with proper care and maintenance.

There is no fixed size that is best for all kinds of use, but for DIY projects/ small projects, 4 to 45-inch angle grinders are considered the best. Whereas, for professional or industrial use, an angle grinder with a disc size of more than 9 inches is considered the best.

Which safety precautions should I take when using my angle grinder?

  • Work in a well ventilated area.
  • Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris and dust.
  • Use anti skin contact gloves to prevent any accidents that may result in injury to the hands or fingers.
  • Be sure you know how variable speed angle grinders work before operating one yourself!

What are the Types of Variable Speed Angle Grinder?

In the market you can find various types of variable speed grinders .

  • Variable speed grinders with variable rotation speeds.
  • Variable speed grinder without variable rotation or power control

How do you cut pavers with an angle grinder?

It’s actually pretty easy- all you need is some patience and the right blades for the job. The first step is getting the blade onto the angle grinder. This can be done by using either a spanner wrench or pliers. You then want to tighten it down as tight as possible with your fingers so that it doesn’t move while you are cutting. Next, attach a diamond wheel or flat disk blade depending on what type of material you are working with: concrete or asphalt/concrete composite. Finally, start at the edge of your material and cut inwards.

How Much Do Angle Grinders Cost?

There are variable speed angle grinders with variable rotation and power control that can cost from as little as $130 to over $650. The pricing will depend on the quality, power-control features, style of cutting wheel (diamond or diamond/crater) and work capacity.

Variable speed grinders also come with variable capacity. The smallest grinders will have a capacity of 180 mm, while the largest can reach up to 400mm.


To summarize, you can’t go wrong with the above given variable angle grinders. We have compiled this list by looking for the best of the best. As much as the power and functionality are concerned, these were the best variable angle grinders. Moreover, all these variable angle grinders are from the most reputed and trusted brand. All these brands are the industry leaders.

If you’ve been considering purchasing a variable speed angle grinder, this article should have given you some good information to help make your decision. From the top 5 best models on the market today with their features and pros and cons, to safety measures for using these tools- we covered it all in our discussion of variable speed grinders. Let us know if there is any other questions about what makes an excellent variable speed angle grinder that we can answer!

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