Best Angle Grinder Blade for Tile Cutting

best angle grinder blades for tile cutting
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Angle Grinder Blades for Tile Cutting

Most people are not aware of the difference between Angle Grinder blades and Tile Cutter blades. Angle Grinders are not designed to cut tiles, but if you have an Angle Grinder with a diamond blade, then you can use it for cutting tile. Diamond Angle Grinder Blades are only effective on ceramic tiles that do not require much pressure in order to break them. This article will help explain this process so that you can make a more informed decision when purchasing your next Angle grinder blade!

Angle grinders are versatile tools that you can add to your arsenal. Angle Grinders can be used in several homes or business projects. From wood cutting to tile cutting, it can be used to cut multiple things.

A high-quality angle grinder will be a great addition to your tool kit, and it can be used in different DIY projects. However, there is a wide variety of angle grinders to choose from, and it can swirl your mind.

You can choose the angle grinder by yourself. However, you have to know some basic information before getting the right one. The first thing you have to consider before buying an angle grinder is the size of the disc. The second thing is the power and speed of the angle grinder. And last but not least the “handle”.

When you have successfully bought the angle grinder, now you may want to replace the angle grinder blade with a new and powerful edge blade that can cut things buttery smooth.

Most of the angle grinder blade can easily cut off any wood, but the real struggle begins when you cut a tile. So it would help if you always get an angle grinder blade that can easily cut a tile off. Now, there are plenty of angle grinder blade for tile cutting in the market, but you want to get the best of them all.

So below, you can find the Top 7 Best Angle Grinder Blade for cutting tiles.

Top 7 Best Angle Grinder Blades for Tile Cutting

The VEVOR diamond blade is a new entry in the angle grinder disc industry. The VEVOR blade is made out of premium diamond which makes it quickly cut most of the stuff. In addition, it has excellent hardness and durability.

You can slice most of the materials quickly and clean because the VEVOR blade has sharp and tough edges, and this diamond blade is specially designed for high-pressure cutting. In addition, it has notches for exceptional circumstances.

The notches will help to pass the dust off, and it will reduce the friction when the blade is under high pressure. It works well on both dry or wet cutting. However, if you add the water to it, the cutting will be smoother. It comes with five blades in a pack which are sufficient for more extended use.

Features :

Pros Cons
Easily cuts Porcelain, Ceramic, granite, sandstone quartz, etc.
It wobbles quite a bit.
Premium hard diamond build.
Five blades pack.
Works on most handheld angle grinders.
Works on dry or wet.

The PEAKIT 4.5″ disc size tile cutter blade features a 3/8″ diamond rim. This tile cutter blade can be used dry or wet, and it easily fits most of the saws and angle grinders with a 7/8″ or 5/8″ arbor.

The best part of the PEAKIT angle grinder blade is that you will get a lifetime warranty against warping, defect, or cracking. This blade is ideal for contractors, home DIYers, tile installers, and more.

This blade can also be used as the Porcelain tile blade, granite blade, ceramic tile blade, and other thin masonry blades.

Peakit Tile Cutter Blade
PEAKIT Tile Cutter Blade

Features :

Pros Cons
Available in different variants.
The blue color can be transferred to the tile while cutting.
It has a super-thin turbo mesh.
It can be used as porcelain tile, granite, ceramic, and other tiles.
It easily fits on most of the angle grinders.

Ksmilety 4.5″ diamond saw blade can cut the Porcelain tiles smoothly. Also, the Ksmiley blade used to cut granite tiles, marble, ceramic tiles, and some other tiles.

The Ksmiley 4.5″ diamond angle grinder blade comes in a pack of 3 in the box. And it is available in 4 different options to buy. Also, this one is relatively cheap and affordable, maintaining the quality of the blade.

The Ksmiley diamond blade comes from the brand Kitmose, and it weighs around 345 grams. It can easily fit the angle grinder with a 115mm diameter. It is a 1.2mm thick blade.

This blade is suitable to cut most of the tile saws and with handheld angle grinders. It works on both wet and dry for cutting. It has an X-teeth design to get fast, smooth, and precise cutting.


Features :

Pros Cons
Affordable pricing.
Unavailability of the blade.
3 Blades in one pack.
2mm center thickness.
Work on dry or wet cutting.
It comes with an X-teeth design to get smooth cutting.

GoYonder 4.5″ super thin diamond saw blade is one of the most popular blades on this list. It is cheap and affordable and maintains quality at the same time. You will get a single blade in the box, and it is available in 10 different variants of different sizes.

This blade is suitable for cutting most tiles, including Porcelain, Granite, Ceramics, and a lot more. The center blade is 1.2 mm thick, and it is made up of premium material. The blade works on dry or wet cutting. In addition, it comes with an X-teeth design for super smooth and quick cutting.

The super-thin Porcelain saw blade comes with free chips for cutting, and it matches most of the handheld angle grinders. Therefore, most tiles saws and grinders with a 7/8″ or 5/8″ arbor are suitable for most tiles saws and grinders.

Features :

Pros Cons
Branded super-thin diamond blade.
It wobbles a bit while cutting.
Affordable pricing.
Availability in 10 different sizes.
X-teeth design.
Compatibility with most of the angle grinders.

The Tranzfrosch 4.5″ diamond saw blade works in several types of angle grinders and tile cutters. In addition, the blade is used as wet and dry. This blade has been designed to cut Porcelain, Ceramic, granite, sandstone quartz, marble, brick, cement backer board, slate, and many more.

The Tranzfrosch blade is recommended for tile installers and general homemade DIYers. When it comes to performance, the blade’s outer edge is solid, and it will provide you with a quick and smooth cutting experience.

Features :

Pros Cons
Available in 2 different variants.
Suitable for the price, but not as sharp as other blades.
No wobbling or vibration issues.
It comes at an affordable price.
Compatible with most of the handheld angle grinders.
Tanzfrosch 4.5 Inch Diamond Tile Cutting Blade
Tanzfrosch 4.5 inch Diamond tile cutting blade

The Mangsen 5 inch super thin diamond tile blade is an excellent blade in the budget. But, again, you will get a total of 3 blades in one pack and that too at a low price, compared to other grinders.

These blades are suitable for cutting tiles such as porcelain tile, granite tile, ceramic tile, and many other tiles. Also, this is available in 4 different variants of different sizes.

It comes from the brand Mangsen, and it has a red color with an industrial-style design. It can also cut marble, and it has an out diameter of 115mm or 4.5 inches. The Center is 1.2 mm thick, and it is also suitable with most of the angle grinders with a 5/8 inch or 7/8 inch arbor.


Features :

Pros Cons
Compatible with a 5/8" or 7/8" arbor.
The material is a bit low quality.
It works with a handheld angle grinder or saws.
The Center is 1.2 mm thick.
It has an X-teeth design for smooth cutting.
It cuts most of the tiles smoothly.

Makita is a famous brand for angle grinders, but this time their new blade is shaking the industry with its performance. The Makita 4.5″ turbo diamond blade is a laser welded blade with the most robust possible joint.

The Makita diamond blade is specially designed to handle the extreme power of gas power cutters. In addition, the segment slots in this blade give a faster and cooler cut in most applications.

The Makita 4.5″ turbo diamond blade is commonly used for cutting the cured concrete, brick, block, and tiles. The blade comes from a repeated brand, so the price may seem slightly high compared to other blades. However, it is available in different variants and size with the various build quality.


Features :

Pros Cons
Segments can help in the smooth cutting.
The prices of the 4.5" turbo diamond blade is a bit high compared to other blades.
It can easily cut concrete and tiles.
Laser welded.
High-pressure cutting.
It comes in different variants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cut porcelain tile with an angle grinder?

You have to use water to cut the porcelain tile with the angle grinder. But you can also use it dry, and it will work fine. However, it will vibrate and wobble a little more. It is highly recommended that you use a wet angle grinder.

Are cordless grinders any good?

When it comes to the power and performance of the cordless angle grinders, then there is a myth among the users that they don’t perform well. But the cordless angle grinders have been improved a lot over time, and these are only good if you are looking for a portable and convenient angle grinder.

Can you use a 4-inch blade on a 4.5-inch angle grinder?

No, you cannot use a 4″ blade on a 4.5″ angle grinder because the hole in the middle of the disc has a different diameter. We would suggest you not use a different size blade in a 4.5″ angle grinder.

What is the Best Angle Grinder?

Our Best Picks For You is the

  • DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool (Powerful, Light, And Overall Brilliant)
  • Makita 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder ( Durable, Light, And Best performance )
  • BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder ( Under 50 USD, Reliable, And Powerful )


The Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2″ Paddle Switch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder is the most versatile and best performing angle grinder on the market. This product can cut any type of hard material, from ceramic tiles to marble floors with its superior high performance blades that are designed for cutting through tough materials like metal sheets without skipping a beat!

What are the factors that you should look for in an Angle Grinder?

It’s a great idea to look for angle grinders that have high reviews, are lightweight, and are powerful to use for many different home projects like cutting tile.

What size angle grinder do you need?

Size: Typically, you will want a smaller to mid-size grinder for your home projects.

What are the safety precautions?

Since the diamond blade generates a lot of dust and noise when cutting, use earplugs, a dust mask, and safety goggles for complete protection.

What types of angle grinders are available?

Although you will find different types of angle grinders in the market from electric grinders to pneumatic grinders as well as gas-driven grinders, for use in standard settings, electrical grinders, corded or cordless are most preferred.

What tools can you use to cut tile?

You can also cut tile with a 4-inch grinder with a diamond blade attached, and while the cuts aren’t as clean as with a tile cutting board or a tile wet saw it is an acceptable method.

How do brushless motor help in tile cutting?

The great thing about this brushless motor is that it provides 57% greater runtime as compared to a standard, less efficient and power-hungry brush motors. The powerful tools are adjustable for different tile sizes and thicknesses so you can cut the perfect size for your project!


In this article, we discussed in full information about the best angle grinder blades for tile cutting. We also included Pros, Cons that will help you select one that fits your needs and is a quality product, which ultimately helps you get more bang for your buck! We hope this has been informative to you as well. If not, please let us know what would be helpful so we can work towards providing it next time around.

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