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Makita Angle Grinder

The Makita angle grinder is one of the best angle grinders among various high quality grinders. There are lots of features and models of this angle grinder. It is not only a well-organized product, but also superior for its various safety arrangement. Most of the people are not sure what to think about this angle grinder. It has several advantages; for example, this angle grinder mainly comes in small sizes which are very easy to handle as well as work by means of it. The greatest quality of Makita angle grinder is that you can use it in very small spaces. The majority of the people protested that the various grinders are hard to make use and handle but Makita angle grinder small size permits you to grind with no difficulty. There are different categories of angle grinders that you can get in the marketplace that creates a huge noise and vibration. But the Makita angle grinder is not only lightweight but also has incredibly slight vibration. Because of its features most of the people feel comfortable in applying this grinder also feel fewer fatigue than other types of angle grinders obtainable in various markets.

Today, Makita angle grinders come along with additional qualities and different techniques. Now, you may alter the grinder brushes consistent with your choice and demands. The updated grinders of this type come with the secondary handle that creates this grinder safe and simple. The most important feature of the angle grinder is that it is very simple to switch on or off. This grinder is not only used for residence applications but also used in various factories and workshops. This angle grinder is more popular with the workers because of the following reason:

  1. Makita angle grinder is prepared with higher class raw material.
  2. It is small in size. As a result the work may be done with higher accuracy.
  3. This angle grinder is lightweight and has more horse power which makes easy handle by the workers.
  4. The wire of this grinder is prepared by 97% pure copper which permits the flow of the current at high temperature.
  5. The motor of this angle grinder has longer life than the other type of angle grinder.
  6. Makita angle grinder has to pass through exact quality controls. Generally 19 tests are performed on the grinder motor only. Consequently, there is no possibility of error during grinding.
  7. This grinder generally uses double ball bearings arrangement which gives long life to the grinder also stay away from the friction.

Moreover the automatic shutdown and overload display system of this angle grinder is excellent, and the ties used in this grinder along with an LED caution light which shows the operator or worker at what time in excess of strain is being set on the grinder motor. In addition there is a bottom light which light ups the surface of work piece while working intended for additional accuracy. Because of the above reasons Makita angle grinder is becoming more popular gradually all over the world.

Makita angle grinders have side handles that are also replaceable so you can operate two handed operations. The handles are angled about 70 degrees. It is friendly to hold and its guard locking systems are pretty satisfactory which deflect sparks and dust. The guards are very easy to adjust.   As it performs variable speed enhances better control on the grinder and provides very little swirl marks along with better finished product. It has a rear draw system of air and user friendly front-exhausting discharge.

History of Makita

Makita Corporation is a Japanese power tool company. It was established in 1915. They manufacture power tools for professional and ordinary consumers. Makita operate branches in Brazil, Romania, China, Japan, Canada, Mexico, USA and UK. Their annual revenue exceeds $1.8 billion.

By introducing the new power tools and providing those to consumers Makita looks forward for achieving their vision to develop the global communications and society. They believe everything is possible. Makita doesn’t only serve for a better today rather innovate to build a better future.

Product model Makita 9557PB
Wheel Diameter 4.5 in
Amps 4.6
speed 10000 rpm (no variable speed)
Advantages It also provides sanding disc. It has an extra large paddle switch which gives easier location and quicker turn on or off.
Product model

Makita 9555NB

Wheel Diameter 125 mm
Power 710W
No load input 10000/min
Advantages It has a slide switch on its side. It also has a shaft lock button to ease wheel change and to reduce operator fatigue. Its design is compact and weight is comparatively lighter.
Product model

Makita 9565CV

Wheel Diameter 125 mm
Power 1400 W
No load input 2800-11000 rpm
Advantages Its power input is really high and it has a variable speed system which enables better finish work. Initialization is soft. For heavy engineering it is very suitable.
Product model

Makita BGA452RFE

Wheel Diameter 115 mm
voltage 18 v; 22min charge
No load input 10000 rpm
Advantages It uses Lithium ion batteries which gives 430% more run time. Provides high comfort grips. Motor is a 4 pole.