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Angle Grinders

An angle grinder is a machine tool, driven by a gas engine or compressed air or electric motor used for grinding, cutting and polishing. The mechanism is simple; a replaceable abrasive grinding disc or a thinner cut-off disc (diamond blade) is mounted to a geared head which is driven at a right angle by the motor. There are some other kinds of discs for various tasks like grinding stones, sanding discs, wire brush wheels and polishing pads. It has a side-handle which permits two-handed operation.

Angle grinders are used to cut or remove materials from a work piece. They are widely used in construction sectors and metal cutting operations even in emergency rescues.

If you want to choose the right angle grinders then check the following specifications. Most important factors are the disc size and power of motor. Don’t forget considering if it is pneumatic controlled (for light and precision works) or electric powered (for heavy duty jobs). Also look out for rpm and the size of the arbor.

Hitachi Angle Grinders

Hitachi angle grinders are of unquestionable reliability and performance in cutting or grinding large or small precision jobs. The hitachi angle grinder provide safety features like Deadman switches, powerful motors, UVP and quick change guards. Instead of paddle switches Hitachi grinders have center-mounted button so you can use the tool with equal comfort in both handed. But as the paddle switches are quicker to turn on or off some the models have these kinds of switches too. It also has 70 degrees slightly forward angled removable side handles. Hitachi grinders possess a front-exhausting discharge system so that the hot air doesn’t hit the operator.

Hitachi angle grinder is one of the useful power tool which is used in construction, woodworking, and metalworking to remove the unwanted material or to cut in slices into. There are various types of Hitachi grinders that come in purposes appropriated to a variety of tasks such as Hitachi die grinders, Hitachi disc grinders and Hitachi disc angle grinders. Among them Hitachi die grinders are mainly used for a minor area and the other power tools Hitachi disc and Hitachi disc angle grinders are applied for eliminating the surface unwanted material to level the uneven surface of various object. Most of these Hitachi grinders have been constructed with decreased vibration technology and the necessary features which create it simpler to maintain the tool. Also these modern  Hitachi angle grinders  reduces the time frame which it utilizes to obtain the workpiee or job done also to create it simpler on you.

Feature and benefits:

  • Trigger lock on for relaxed and nonstop operation.
  • Spindle padlock for rapid and simple disc.
  • Forward canted and removable side handle helps for better control and ease for left and right-handed operators.
  • The quick-off feature of left side switch added more security.
  • It has easily reached carbon brushes.
  • It also has longer life automatic stop carbon brushes which added more motor stability.
  • Little diameter handle for relaxed hold.


History of Hitachi

Hitachi, Ltd is a Japanese multinational corporation. It is specialized and well known for in high-technology and services. As of 2009, they are the third largest technological company considering revenue. They are currently in various fields including social infrastructures. Their slogan is “Inspire the next” which prolongs to a continuous seek to breathe new into the next era and contribute the society by building prosperity and technologies to comfort. They are seeking for global resources which can satisfy the demand of local need as well as meet the global market.

Product model Hitachi G10SD2
Wheel Diameter 100mm (4in)
Power 760 W
No load input 11000/min
Advantages It has a powerful motor so it can reduce vibration. Its design is compact. For easy change of wheel it provides shaft lock button.
Product model Hitachi G10SR3(H6)
Wheel Diameter 100mm (4in)
Power 730W
No load input 10000/min
Advantages It has a slide switch on its side. It also has a shaft lock button to ease wheel change. The important quality is it has outstanding overload durability.
Product model Hitachi G18MR
Wheel Diameter 5 in
Power 2000 W
No load input 10,000 rpm
Advantages Dust proof construction of armature, switch and commutator. It has removable slide handle. Design is compact and lightweight.
Product model Hitachi G12SS
Wheel Diameter 4.5in(115mm)
Power 580 W
No load input 11000rpm
Advantages It has adjustable guards. The additional accessories are slide handle and wrench.