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Dewalt Angle Grinders

Today the Dewalt angle grinder is one of the greatest angle grinders all over the world and on the various marketplace which is mainly used for metal cutting, slight shaping of various metal parts, eliminating burrs and weld slag from the metals and elimination of rust on structures and presented rusted pieces. The construct quality of this angle grinder is special, with a hard structure and conservatively located paddle switch that providing simply the accurate balance of the power in addition to the safety. Although the huge quantity of torque may be generated by this machine and it is very easy to control. The side handle may be simply reattached and removed that formulates it mainly helpful for that kind of jobs which need additional strength for extra accuracy. If you are a lefty you need not worry as the handle can be screwed into either side. Dewalt angle grinder can also perform various operations such as buffing, polishing, course cutting and of sharpening territory mower blades with no flouting into a sweat.


  1. It has high power;
  2. amplifies makes energy;
  3. the long life of motor;
  4. have identical surface;
  5. automatic tighten grinder wrap;
  6. The particular air flue design;

Features and benefits:

  1. Dewalt angle grinder may run by means of both DC and AC electric power.
  2. Armature and epoxy covered field give long service life in opposition to the scratch from the flying rubbish.
  3. Small profile gear box permits for work in firm regions.
  4. Keyless adaptable guard permits for guard modifications to be prepared with no tools.
  5. Two-wire double insulated “S” jacket rubber cable gives improved strength and long life in cold and hot weather.
  6. Automatic turn-off brushes close the tool at what time brushes require to be altered to keep away from the tool damage.
  7. Dewalt angle grinder is Lightweight which raises output in extensive use applications.
  8. Performance and Durability:

Grinding operations make lots of rubbish and dust that may be dangerous on the motors as well as the mechanisms. But the Dewalt angle grinder dust removal system develops durability by the removal of harmful dust elements which enter the cutting tool. Moreover, a single brush arm avoids brush hang-up because of the dust. Because of the durability, this angle grinder’s automatic-off brushes shut-down the tool at what time the brushes require substituting and this helps to keep away from tool injure and reduces the cost of repairs.

Application: Dewalt angle grinder mainly used for the following purposes:

  • Sanding: A sanding disc has a synthetic support along with the coarse fiber padding which revolves any angle grinder to a well-organized sanding machine for any plane or surface.
  • Paint removal: The disc used for print removal is very helpful for any times wherever you require to softly sand metal which has specks of paint over the surface. By means of these wipe pads the original metal may be left unmarked.
  • Grinding: Strangely enough, a Dewalt angle grinder is also superior at grinding and this grinding disc approach in stone varieties and metal.