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Black and Decker Angle Grinder

Black and Decker brand is the most famous name for the tools in the market. The brand is well known throughout the USA and its tools are very reliable. Black and Decker angle grinders are just like a gift to the industry. The black and decker angle grinder is the best in performance and reliability. From the local use in the house to a wide range of building offices and mighty structures, this tool has its own identity. The Black and Decker Metal gear case for increased durability and life. Two position slide handle for additional comfort and control in a variety of applications. Spindle lock provides easy accessory changes. Black and Decker angle grinders are an excellent tool for the workshop

Most popular Black & Decker Angle Grinders

  • There are more than 50 angle grinders named under Black and Decker. We have mentioned here are the best and most used in the industry;
  • 1.Black & Decker G850 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder by Black & Decker
  • 2. Black & Decker 7750 4-1/2-Inch Small Angle Grinder by Black & Decker
  • 3. Black & Decker G950 4-1/2-Inch Small Angle Grinder by Black & Decker
  • 4. Black and decker 4076 Angle Grinder 7
  • 5. Black and decker 4-1/2Small Angle Grinder 7750 NEW
  • 6. Black and decker G950B 4-1/2 Inch Small Angle Grinder
  • 7. 4076 Vintage Black and decker 7 HD Angle Sander Grinder

Technical Details and specifications

Black and Decker angle grinders have the following technical details

  1. The powerful motor ranging from 6.5 Amp on-wards; operates at 10000 Rotation per minute.
  2. Side handling with three positions and contoured body grip for more handling and control during work.
  3. Warranty ranges from 1 to 2 years.
  4. Metal grinding wheel and spanner wrench increases the life time and durability.
  5. High power to rate ratio is the asset of these tools in helping to reduce the fatigue.
  6. They have keyless adjustable guard that is adjustable while the tool is not operational.
  7. External brush doors are a quality feature of black and Decker angle grinders.
  8. Keeping in mind the durability–Gear case is made up of aluminum.
  9. Dual safety tiger locks.
  10. v  Pricing range- depending upon the choice of work and pocket, black and Decker tools are very economical.

Blacker and Decker’ Company overview-

It is commonly said that when most people think “Black & Decker,” they think “power tools.” Most of the well known companies borrow the tools from this company for different projects. Even in home appliances this name is very famous. In the year 2008 they generated revenue up to $4.3 billion and every passing year in adding to their credibility and revenue generation. The tools are not the only support or identity in the world market, they are also popular in the technology-based fastening systems through its Emhart Division and high end plumbing products also well known for its security hardware products like wire locks, kwikset, wiser locks and auto locking tools. They also produce electric locks and garden tools for plumbing. Not only in the USA has the black and decker company sold its products throughout the globe and nearly in 100 countries. Cleaning and lightening products are also stamped by this company. They also sell their products under the name ‘Dewalt’.

  • The largest customers of black and Decker include Home Depot and Lowe’s. In year 2009 The Stanley Works acquired this company.