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Angle Grinder Safety Guide

This guide can be divided into two types of safety Rules:

1-      General Safety Rules.

2-      Specific Safety Rules.

Angle Grinder General Safety Rules:

Working place

  1. Keep the work area clean and dust free. The darker dirtier areas are the major reasons of accidents.
  2. Angle grinders should never be operated in the middle of the explosive materials, also should not be turned on in the presence of water and gasses.
  3. Children should be kept away while working with the angle grinder. Control is the basic mechanism to operate and lose focusing can cause distraction.
  4. The workers should also make sure to keep their body grounded.
  5. Keep the cord of angle grinder away from the heat and water; also make sure that the cord is not damaged.
  6. Use an outdoor extension cord to prevent the risk of electric shock.


Worker’s safety Angle Grinder:

  1. Stay very focused to the job and alert. Don not operate the angle grinder especially when tired or fatigued. Medication and alcoholic use can also cause you to lose focus while working.
  2. Before you start the work, plug-in the tool, make sure that it is switched off so that once you supply the power it cannot be harmful.
  3. Always remove the detachable keys, brushes and wrenches before switching the angle grinder on.
  4. Dressing is also a major safety point for the workers.  Never wear a lose clothing or a shirt tucked out.
  5. Eye protector’s usage is a must for workers.


Electric safety:

  • Always make sure that the tool switches are off when plugging in and a qualified electrician should work beside to install the polarized outlet.

Usage of tool:

  1. Angle grinders are used in different circumstances. While the worker is hanging off the floor, make sure to use clamps not hands to balance yourself.
  2. Choice of the tool is a sensible initiative. Never use that tool which is incorrect for the job, like chose the best size of disc in angle grinder for particular job.
  3. Keep the discs sharp and clean; before using the tool make sure disc is properly installed.
  4. There are number of companies launching the same tool. Always chose the best angle Grinder Company like Bosch, black and Decker etc

Specific Angle Grinder Safety rules

  1. Always wear gloves before working with an angle grinder. There are also masks available to help protect your lungs.
  2. Angle grinders should be used with the speed mentioned on their manual, excessive speed utilization can cause destruction of the tool and may cause injury.
  3. Grip is the key point in safety measures. Never lose the grip on handles.
  4. Do not use the tool with wood cutters, blades and the hands away from the disc when it is rotating.
  5. Never put the wheel on the work place before turning on the tool.
  6. Usage of safety glasses and proper shades over the face is the best safety measure for your eyes.
  7. Make sure the wheel is not damaged. You can run the tool only with the wheel to check the damage. Replacement is the best option if the wheel is damaged.
  8. When you run the tool on the metal surface it makes sparks. Hence make sure that inflammables are out of reach and you have your face covered.
  9. Do not throw the tool when it is on, put it in some proper angle and then turn it off.
  10. Proper respiratory protection is also mandatory when working on woods and soft substances.
  11. Use light or turn on the lamp on the tool when working in darker areas and during night.