Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is a machine tool used for grinding, cutting and polishing. Generally it is driven by petrol engine or compressed air or mostly electric motor. In angle grinders an abrasive grinding disc or a thinner cut-off disc is mounted to a right angled geared head to the motor. Both are replaceable. For various other operations some different type wheels like grinding stones, sanding discs, wire brush wheels and polishing pads are used. Most of the angle grinders have side handle to perform both handed operation.

Like other ordinary grinders angle grinder is used to remove undesired materials from a work piece. They can be used in cutting purposes too. They are common to construct infrastructures and metal removing operations even in emergency rescue operations by military or fire service.

For your purpose to choose proper grinders that suits your need you should check following specifications. Mostly you have to notice the important factors called disc size and motor power. If your work is small and precision prefer using pneumatic controlled grinders. If it is of heavy se then try some electrical powered grinders. Don’t forget looking for rpm and the arbor size.

Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is a tool device which is driven by means of a petrol engine or compacted air or electric motor used for various operations like cutting, grinding and polishing material. Its method is easy; a disposable coarse grinding wheel or a slim cut-off disc (generally of diamond blade) is escalated to a geared head. The head is driven at 90 degrees by means of the motor. Operators use several further sorts of wheels for a variety of operations such as grinding stones, sanding wheels, wire brush discs as well as pads for polishing. It also possesses a side-handle that permits operation driven by two-hands.

The most common uses of angle grinders can be found in metalworking section and the construction sites. But you can also find them in small workshops, mechanical service depots and renovation shops for automobile bodies.

Angle grinders are available in various models with different ratings like various levels of power and so many others.  They commonly are found in two fundamental sizes. The smaller one is generally one hand operated and possess blade of 115 mm. But they provide much more rpm rating. To wield the larger size it is required two hands. It has diameter of 230mm. Other than cutting much deeper than the smaller one the larger one has no significant difference in its cutting power.

If you are going to buy one for yourself, I would recommend that a mid-range machine is fine unless you are a professional. Choose a size depending on the depth of cut required, and remember that the difference in quality between the cheaper and the top of the range models in not so great unlike other power tools.

An angle grinder may be utilized for a huge variety of different DIY purposes. Many operators combine this very tool with the cutting operation as it is firmly outfitted to do this job and very handful at this. However, it may be used for some extra purposes:


1 Sanding: Every sanding wheel possesses a plastic back up with a padding of coarse fiber. This enables to rotate this grinder like a proficient sanding machine for whatever the exterior. But it is neither comforting nor efficient for last level sanding as it creates a rounded mark on the job.


2 Paint removal: This wheel is tremendously helpful in case you require sanding a metal surface pretty softly as it has specks of paint on its exterior. The sponge pads are really useful in this sort of job as it leaves no mark on the core metal beneath the flecks. Delicate operations have a useful utilization of this advantage.


3 Grinding: You will become amused to know that angle grinders are very handy in grinding operations!! Its grinding wheels appear in metal and stone made, generally possess thickness of 5 mm. So you will probably find these discs most economical as it does not require being fabulously hard for material grinding. Moreover, if you buy one which has diamond edges you will definitely find it more durable than the cheaper pads. And they are reasonably priced.